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Fire Extinguisher Servicing Cannock

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Cannock and surrounding areas

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Cannock

Fire extinguishers in commercial premises require, by law, annual servicing by a Competent Person to British Standard 5306 Part 3 & Part 9.  The legal requirement for this is stated in the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

 Midpat Services can fulfil this requirement using our IFEDA trained  Service Technicians.

Supply & Commissioning

New extinguishers, regardless of where they have been bought from,  must receive a commissioning service at the location prior to fitting to ensure they have not been subject to damage in transit and additionally ensure suitability for use.

They cannot be sold as commissioned if sent by post or purchased from internet auction sites. You will invalidate your insurance.

Extinguishers supplied by ourselves within the local area have this done for free when we supply them to site.

We are also able to  install brackets and supply signage alongside  with regards to  the requirements of BS5306 Part 8.


Every Fire Extinguisher requires annual testing. The type and frequency depends upon the type:


Type of extinguisher RP Checks Basic Service Extended Service Overhaul
Water & Water Additive Monthly Every 12 Months* Every 5 Years  
Foam (inc Eco Foam) Monthly Every 12 Months* Every 5 Years
Powder Monthly Every 12 Months* Every 5 Years  
CO2 Monthly Every 12 Months   10 Years**
Wet Chemical Monthly Every 12 Months* Every 5 Years  
Fire Blanket Monthly Every 12 Months*    

*Extended Service 6 Years from date of manufacture OR 5 Years from commissioning (Whichever comes soonest)

**Overhaul is 10 years from date of manufacture (NOT date of commissioning)

Our services contain no hidden extras, the price we quote per unit is the price you pay.

Included in the price of the Basic Service :

  • Checks and advice on suitability, effectiveness and placement (BS5306 Part 8)
  • Anti tamper tags
  • Gauge and maintenance labels
  • O Rings
  • Any fibre washers
  • Assessment of suitability for risk

Included in the price of the Extended  Service :

  • All the items listed for Basic Service
  • Discharge and refilling with suitable extinguishant
  • Replacement head cap O rings and internal valve O rings
  • Safe Disposal of waste extinguishant

Included in the price of the Overhaul Service :

  • Replacement of a similar size and fire rated Unit (either new or reconditioned)

Our 24 hour client area allows the download of your relevant documents and Certificates should you need to send them to Insurers or 3rd party bodies (eg CHAS).

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Cannock